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Company Culture

To the market as the center
Enterprises are run because of the market, there is no market, companies do not have room for survival, therefore, all business behavior, should be the market as the center;
The structure, system and procedure of the enterprise and the behaviors of the employees should be regarded as the criteria for judging whether they are conducive to the operation of the market. When conflicts and conflicts arise in the work, they should give priority to meeting the market or customer needs. ;
Priority and to meet market demand to have specific measures, measures should be set as much as possible, although occasionally special, but too much on the original description of the original set is not really market-centric, it will bring management Chaos, from the other hand to the enterprise to bring the crisis of survival.
Simple, quantitative, clear responsibilities and responsibilities
Management work to be efficient, low-cost, easy to remember, easy to implement, it can only be simple - this is our system and processes in setting whether the effective criteria.
Energy of the work and authority, must be issued to quantify the indicators, only with operability, in order to assess. No quantification is equivalent to laissez-faire, it is difficult to effectively operate, supervision and evaluation.
The functions, responsibilities and obligations of each position, and the corresponding rights to be given, shall be clearly and in writing written in unambiguous terms, and shall be communicated to the person concerned and informed to the relevant person. Only in this way can performers perform their duties efficiently and effectively.
Frank, win-win, empathy
Between departments, between colleagues, between the upper and lower levels, partners and customers should be frank with each other, because only frank, we can achieve mutual trust, relying on a little smart, it is impossible to have long-term Friendship and cooperation.
Work or cooperation, the best effect is a win-win situation, in the cooperation and the distribution of benefits, if only one profit or unfair distribution, the other side of the mind is not balanced, it will have consequences, it is difficult to continue cooperation and work, Together will not be happy.
How to make the other party feel fair and easy to accept? The best way is to put yourself in the position of each other to consider the issue, if they can not accept, the other is no different.
Honest, win-win, empathy is not just a criterion to get along, it is a way of doing things or thinking, we need time to create, develop habits.

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