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China PVC doors and windows profile development report

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China PVC doors and windows profile production began in the 1980s, was limited by the local technical level, PVC profile development has been relatively slow. With the late government a series of restrictions on the use of timber policy introduced, PVC profiles market was opened. China's reform and opening up in the 90's greatly promoted the progress of PVC profile technology, PVC profile market has entered a period of great strides. Early domestic PVC profiles and more use of foreign technology and formulations, but in order to reduce the cost of more than the original formula to increase the content of calcium carbonate.
China PVC profile development remarkable: in 1998, only 10% of the doors and windows use PVC profiles. By the end of 2008, 47% of doors and windows use PVC profiles. During the decade from 1998 to 2008, the output of PVC profiles in China has increased by nearly 2000%, from an annual output of 150,000 tons to an annual output of nearly 3 million tons.
The rapid development of PVC profiles began in the 1990s, the most important factor affecting the industry is the Government's stimulus to the industry at this time introduced. Five different government ministries introduced a series of policies to reduce the use of wood in the construction industry. These policies to the development of PVC profiles brought significant role in promoting, in 96 years, 97 years suffered a hundred years of floods, forest damage to many, further limiting the number of wooden doors and windows profiles.
As of 2001, the domestic demand for PVC profiles more than 100 million tons of integer, followed by the emergence of aluminum alloy PVC profiles to the market more than a strong competitor, combined with the country at the time of South Korea, Russia and Japan resin imports lead to resin prices , The domestic PVC profile market began to experience a relatively flat stage.
The impact of market factors on appeal lasted not long, since 2004, the Chinese government promulgated a number of encourage the use of PVC doors and windows profiles of the law, this measure stimulated the demand for PVC profiles. The rise of the domestic construction industry is to further expand the demand for PVC profiles.
In 2007, China's window and door profile market reached 78.3 billion, in accordance with the output value of contrast, 62% of aluminum, PVC profiles accounted for 38%.
China's doors and windows in five major forms, including: sliding doors and windows, sliding doors and windows (up and down), side sliding doors and windows, skylights and open-frameless balcony window. Demand for all types of doors and windows is affected by price, weather and weather conditions. In comparison, the sliding doors and windows of the lowest cost. Northeast region is very important to the needs of the warm seal, so the region on the sliding doors and windows and sliding demand is high - on an affordable basis.
The warm climate in the southeastern region ensures the demand for sliding doors and windows, which currently accounts for 75 percent of the region's total demand. Sliding doors and windows are also popular in central China, but due to the low temperature in the area, the most popular is still sliding doors and windows.
Western climate is dry and windy weather, many places are covered by sand, ultraviolet radiation than other places strong. Western regions are underdeveloped areas, mainly agriculture, the region's GDP per capita lower than in other regions, particularly sensitive to the price, sliding doors and windows in the region's absolute dominant position.
Although the PVC profile market area differences, but China's leading several profile enterprises in various parts of the country's share is high. Domestic PVC profile production concentrated in eastern China. Dalian Shide and Wuhu Conch is the world's largest manufacturer of PVC doors and windows profiles to meet the domestic PVC doors and windows profile needs of 40%. There are also a number of producers in the central and western regions, but the output is much smaller than that of Dalian Shide and Wuhu.
China's domestic PVC profile standards are mainly GB / T8814-2004, the standard most of the European standards (EN12608: 2002), relative to the European standard, the domestic standard mainly in the classification and some experimental methods have been revised. It should be noted that the European standard itself is based on the German PVC doors and windows profile DIN16830 standard.
Another point to note is that the domestic standard and the current US standard ASTM D4726 is also different, but many Chinese manufacturers have got the ASTM found to be ready for export to the United States.
Initially domestic PVC profile technology formulations and production are based on the domestic market, but with the passage of time, PVC profiles of technical personnel and investment increased, domestic manufacturers began to seek export opportunities, as of 2007, exports of 180,000 profiles Ton, is expected to double in the next five years.
PVC profiles of the main export destination countries are Russia, Southeast Asia, South America and North America. North America is a key area, and many Chinese companies are in the process of applying for an AAMA license to prepare for future exports to Mexico, the United States and Canada.
Need to be prompted is that the current domestic production of doors and windows and profiles of small companies, so most of the doors and windows need to market the procurement of profiles for production.
At present, domestic PVC door and window profile design and production or rely on the European 80's technology, but there have been large domestic manufacturers embarked on the road of technological innovation and development, and from Germany and Australia imprinted advanced production technology. Recent production innovations include increasing the impact resistance and stability of the product.
In view of the current level of development of PVC doors and windows profiles in China is expected to slow down future growth, by the 2008 national credit tightening policy to prevent overheating of the economy, resulting in a decline in demand for real estate construction market in 2008 compared to the growth rate of demand In previous years, the growth rate has slowed down significantly. But in the current economic crisis, the Chinese government introduced the four trillion plan will greatly stimulate domestic investment and consumer demand growth is expected to continue to PVC profile market is expected to continue.

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